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Case study of Banyan Networks Pvt. Ltd.
Banyan Networks needed an attractive enclosure system in which to offer their telecom solutions based on their widely known DIAS technology. APW Presidents product range and the aesthetic features of its cabinets offered them the options they needed. ETSI cabinets from the President range helped Banyan to give a stylish look to their products. Additionally, the Series 20 Card Frames provided a stable and precise housing for the main Motherboard, thus making for a trouble-free product.

The Company
Banyan Networks is a pioneer in the field of "Information Communication Technology" and was established in 1995. Banyan has come to be known as a provider of innovative solutions in the area of Ethernet switching, Voice over Data, High-Speed Remote Connectivity and Internet Access based on DSL technology. Banyan Networks has technology tie-up with IIT-Chennai and their products are proving their worth around the globe. Banyan has obtained the Bulk Production Certificate (BPC) from BSNL and their products are TEC approved.

The Problem
  • Banyan Networks had to deploy their systems in different parts of the country. Hence Banyan expected their enclosures to reach the destinations without any transit damages. They also required on-site support during the installation phase.
  • Bulk volumes were required at short notice.
  • Cabinets take up a large volume during shipping which was a concern for Banyan as their systems were to be exported to other countries, such as Mauritius.
  • Proper cabling was another issue. Banyan wanted the cables to be properly routed within the cabinet.
  • The PCBs had to be properly inserted into the connectors fitted on the motherboard. This was a major area of focus for the technical team.

The Solution
  • APW President has a strong Sales and Service network across the country. This was a great support to Banyan as they were able to take help from the various branches during the installation process.

  • APW President's plants at Pune and Bangalore have sufficient production capacity to handle short delivery lead times. Since the products are standardized, most of the components needed are available as w-i-p stock.

  • The ETSI racks proposed have a welded steel frame for rigidity, along with side panels, a rear steel door and toughened glass door. These cabinets are first well packed in 7-ply corrugated cardboard cartons and then dispatched in wooden boxes so as to guard against transit damage

  • Banyan Networks was also offered the President "Smartrack" as an alternative. This cabinet is an extremely versatile enclosure system which can be supplied in Semi Knocked Down (SKD) condition. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to assemble the cabinet. It is a multi-practice design which can accommodate both ETSI format as well as 19" rack mount equipment in one and the same cabinet.
The Benefits
  • President's ETSI cabinet proved to be the right choice for Banyan.s application. The solution provided a vertical channel of 50mm width along one side of the cabinet for the routing of cables along the front when formatted for 19. width standard equipment. This is one of the key features of this model.

  • Banyan also found President's Series 20 Card Frames to be the right choice. This Card Frame family conforms to international standards, such as the DIN 41494. The design and manufacturing precision of the card frame, along with the related accessories, ensure that the PCB.s mate precisely with the motherboard via the two part connectors used. The alignment of these high density connectors is crucial to the long term reliability in the field. This helped Banyan to provide a 24/7 trouble-free service to all their customers

  • Banyan also benefited from other features inherent to the ETSI cabinet. Proper cable layout and routing in the cabinets proved easy to achieve. Thermal management aspects were also adequately addressed - airflow past critical equipment had been ensured by providing venting and forced-air circulation. Field installation also proved to be easy and hassle-free

  • Banyan had been conscious of the need to package their equipment in an attractive looking enclosure system as it is this final package which creates the overall impact with the end user. Cabinets carrying the "President" brand are well known for their aesthetic looks. In this case the overall appearance provided by the Light Grey/Dark Grey powder coat shades for the metal panels, combined with the venting pattern chosen, and the tinted glass door certainly added value to Banyan.s DIAS .

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