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Case study of TransWorks Information Services Pvt. Ltd.
APW President's solution for housing all the servers and network services for a Data Center in the least possible floor space ensured that each device got the requisite cooling area required, and still left sufficient scope for further expansion needs.

The Company
TransWorks is one of India's leading outsourcing companies operating in the BPO/ CRM segments. It provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution to Global 1000 companies. TransWorks provides a complete blend of CRM services - inbound customer service, including technical support, email / web-chat support, and outbound telemarketing. BPO services include transaction processing, financial accounting and human resources (HR) related services.

Founded in 1999, TransWorks has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore in India and Omaha in the United States.

The Problem
The Indian operations were launched at Mumbai, for 750 seats. To take care of the I.T infrastructure a Data Centre was proposed which would house all their servers and network services.

The Solution
After analyzing and calculating the area of the proposed Data Center, we proposed a layout which would accommodate the maximum number of racks in an efficient way, while also taking into consideration their future expansion needs of Transworks.

The overall solution suggested included a comprehensive range of product and accessories from the APW President. These included
• Coupling of racks. This led to better thermal management within the racks and efficient routing of cables. This proved to be cost-effective taking into consideration the number of racks.

• Cable control accessories like Window Mouldings & Retention Bobbins. These ensured that
- Cat. 5 installation met EIA/TIA-568-A for category 5.
- Data transmission performance did not deteriorate over time due to poor cable management.
- Fast cable dressing during installation, and easy maintenance thereafter.
• A special solution with 27” wide cabinets housing customized 19” angles was designed to house their AVAYA’s EPABX equipment along with servers and a monitor. (the reason for housing this huge equipment inside the cabinet is because, in the open, it would be exposed to the constant danger of toppling as people have a tendency of leaning against it.

• Grouping of servers with their application owners was done for effective utilization of space within the rack.

• Ordinary power sockets caused sparking due to poor contacts, which in turn forced the Servers to reboot and other critical equipments, like Routers, to hang. Hence customised power distribution unit with special sockets were provided to prevent sparking and ensure minimal downtime on servers and other equipment.
• As the density of cables in the networking racks are high, customized cut-outs were provided on bottom cover for effective routing of cables into the racks.

The Benefits

Due to these special provisions that were part of the solutions evolved, Transworks were able to derive several benefits

• Coupled racks provided effective cooling and routing of cables within the racks.
• The cable control accessories, in addition to adherence to the EIA/TIA-568-A standards also ensured that the cables were not crushed or stretched and that there was optimal utilization of bandwith on the network.
• The AVAYA EPABX equipment could now be housed within the rack kept on the floor.
• The special power sockets provided ensured elimination of downtime due to erratic power supply.
• · The customized alternate rows of cutouts of 50mmf each provided on either sides of the bottom cover helped in effective routing of the voluminous cabling in the Networking cabinets. This helped in easy routing of cables from the false flooring in to the rack and enabled the cables to be easily guided vertically to the respective ports. The cables were then routed vertically through the Reducing Cable Channels, which formed vertical cable ducts.
• Future manageability of cables was easy as the customized cutouts, Reducing Cable Channels and cable control accessories took care of future expansion.

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