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Case study of TECHNOFOUR
APW President developed a simple gasket and provided a quick enclosure solution conforming to IP52 protection level as required by the end customer's application. Both Technofour and their customer were happy with the solution offered, as it not only met their expectations but also conformed to the delivery schedule.

The Company
Technofour is a 25 year old company that has been providing equipment for Quality Control and the Non-Destructive Testing of metal tubes and pipes. Technofour also designs and builds a whole range of sophisticated world-class Eddy Current non-destructive test systems. They have a wide range of products for the domestic and export market. Their equipment is used by the industry for monitoring and detecting inner flaws.
Some of their products are:
  • Eddy Current NDT systems
  • Metal detectors
  • Check-Weigher Systems
  • Mechanical Handling Systems
  • Robotics for test automation
Technofour has been using the President Series 10, Series 12 & Cyberack range of cabinets, as well as Series 42 Instrument Cases. While their main requirements are for Instrument Cases they also buy racks to house their integrated monitoring systems which include display consoles.

The Problem
Technofour's testing systems are used in clean laboratory conditions as well as on shop floors and other Industrial environments. The following requirements had to be catered for :
1. Protection against dust was essential.
2. Facility to mount their LCD display panels directly on the 19" angles.
3. Provision of a split door so as to access the Keyboard Tray or equipment below    without disturbing other equipment in the rack.

The Solution
We had worked with Technofour on several earlier occasions to customize a solution to their application requirements. This was based on the use of the Cyberack as the main systems cabinet and the Series 42 Instrument Cases for Table Top use. Other features of this solution were :
  • Gaskets were provided for the doors and side panels so as to prevent ingress of dust and moisture. This level of sealing was required as an air conditioner was to be mounted on top of the cabinet to ensure proper temperature control for the costly and sensitive equipment to be housed within the cabinet. A special gasket design was developed for the purpose.

  • A special gland plate was designed to facilitate cable entry from the rear door.

  • 19" panels with cut-outs were provided for mounting LCD units.

  • Split doors were provided at the front. This allowed access to the keyboard tray without exposing the LCD monitor.

The Benefits
Technofour was happy that, despite the extent of customization undertaken, there was a minimal impact to the overall cost of the cabinet. And also that we were able to complete the development and still adhere to their delivery schedules. The main benefits accruing to Technofour were -
  • The enclosure system exhibited good dust protection levels.

  • The customized gland plate provided a satisfactory cable entry route.

  • The LCD panel gave a clean look to the front and at the same time maintenance was easy

  • The Split doors gave limited access to the rack thus protecting the LCD panels.

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