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An aluminium cabinet which utilizes steel end frames to achieve cost economy. Load carrying capacity of 500 kgs. Designed for easy assembly and rapid equipment integration. A value-for-money solution for cabling applications.
Conforms to DIN 41494
Load rating of 500 Kgs
Fine styling plus economy
Steel Doors plain, vented at bottom,
  fully perforated & dual perforated
Glass Doors with optional vented side
   trims for front-to-back air flow
Choice of shades

Uniserv DLX
President's new UNISERV DLX enclosure offers a host of valuable benefits.  It saves floor space, eliminates cabling headaches and physically protects servers and networking equipment.  It also addresses the emerging challenges that IT asset managers face today.


Attractive styling for Datacentre or office
Front door - tinted glass or fully
   perforated steel
Rear steel door - single or dual, fully
Vented Top cover with cable entry
Fully recessible 19" mounting angles at
   front and rear
Rear 19" mounting angles supplied as
   split pairs to allow easy adjustments for
   equipment of different depths
Side panels with slam latches and
   indents for improved strength and
Load rating of 1000 kgs

PATCHRack is the latest addition to the first family of networking enclosures from President - comprising the UNISERV, CYBERack and FlexiBOX. PATCHRack is a modular open frame providing outstanding all-round accessibility, mounting for 19 Patch panels and dedicated cable channels at the front and rear on each side of the frame.
• 42U and 47U high, with 19"  mountings
• Optimised for Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 7, 10Gb
• Robust framework rated at 500 kgs
• Vertical cable channels fitted to both
  sides of the PATCHRack
• Set of front-mounting Cable across the
  front face of the enclosure
• All standard President cable accessories
  fit the PATCHRack
Front Covers on either side hinge both
  ways, or can be removed
4-Post Open Frame Rack
President's 4-Post Open Frame Rack is designed for use with networking equipment, telephone and voice mail equipment, routers, servers and switches..
Stable and rigid stand-alone
Easy to assemble
Adjustable depths - from 600 to   1000mm
The TableRack series is designed for table-top and floor standing use. The TableRack is similar to our Wall Mount Units, but with a front and rear door. It is meant for use either on the table top (with feet) or under the table (with castors). It accepts all equipment conforming to 19" rack mounting specifications.

Rigid frame construction
Vented Front glass door with a fully
   vented rear steel door
Recessible 19” Angles
Compatible with standard 19”
Load rating upto 100 kgs
Top Cover with gland plate and single
  fan cut-out
Powder coated in Black shade

Wide range of accessories to ensure easy integration of discrete equipment to form a complete system.
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