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Product Segments
Enclosure Products > Floor Standing-General Electronics
A versatile cabinet for OEM applications and general usage.
• Conforms to DIN 41494 - and current industry practices
• Load rating of 350 Kgs
• Fine styling, plus economy
• Steel Doors - plain or vented
• Choice of powder coat shades
• Top Cover with venting provision for exhaust fans
Rugged industrial grade cabinets complying with Zone 4 seismic specifications.
• Conforms to DIN 41494
• Optional front and rear doors
• Doors are fitted with rugged hinges and 3-point locking mechanisms
• Load rating upto 900 kgs
EMC S-36
Cabinets with RFI shielding for protecting sensitive equipment from electromagnetic interference.
• Conform to DIN 41494
• All doors and panels zinc plated inside for conductivity.
• Doors with 3-pt locking to ensure sealing against radiation.
• Load rating upto 900 kgs
Wide range of accessories to ensure easy integration of discrete equipment to form a complete system.
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