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Product Segments
Shelves and Trays
Shelves and Trays are useful for housing of equipment that is not directly 19" rack-mountable.
• Stationary Shelves
• Sliding Shelves
• Cantilever Shelves
• Chassis Trays
• Heavy Duty Shelves
• Universal Shelf
• Rotary Keyboard Tray
Supports and Angles
These items are needed for support of Shelves and Trays, vertical angles and cable channels.
• Chassis Supports
• Cantilever Supports
• Reducing Channels
• Support Angles
• 19" Equipment Mounting Angles
Electrical Items
The accessories in this section help to provide reliable electrical contacts, solid earthing of all metallic parts and sound Thermal Management
• Fan Trays
• Fan Housing Unit
• Cooling Fans
• Fan Tray for Door Mounting
• Power Distribution Units
• AC Mains Channel
• Earthing Accessories
Cable Management Accessories
These accessories make possible the orderly, structured routing and support of cables so as to prevent loss of data due to deteriorating data transmission.
• Cable Manager
• Cable Channel
• Cable Loops
• Cable Extender
• Cabling Bobbins
• Cable Retention Bobbins
• Window Mouldings
• Cable Management Panel 1U
• Cable Management Panel 2U
• CAT5 Cable Retention Panel
• Cable Storage Shelf 2U
The variety of accessory items in this section make it possible to overcome all manner of installation problems with ease and professionalism.
• Captive Mounting Hardware
• Aluminium Blank Panels
• Castors
• Retractable Stabilizer
• Lifting Bolts
• Legs
• Base Frame
• Coupling Hardware Kits
Electronic Accessories
These specialized items provide a new dimension of security for mission - critical installations.
• Monitored Fan Tray
• Fire Alarm Unit
• Alphanumeric Display Unit
• Keypad Digital Lock
• Electronic Locking System
• Temperature Indicator
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