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President's Flexibox range of wall mount cabinets is ideally suited for deployment in LAN and WAN applications.

This new family of wall mounting 19" enclosures are supplied in CKD kits thus making them easy to handle and store. Assembly at site takes a matter of minutes using commonly available tools. Cable entry provisions on the Top and Bottom Panel offers better cable management options. Cut-outs with grills for fan mounting are a standard feature with the Top Cover.

These carefully designed and manufactured bolted enclosures offer the flexibility of shipping in CKD or Assembled condition without any compromise on rigidity.


• Bolted construction 
• Top and Bottom cable entry provision
• Maximum load carrying capacity of 40 Kgs
• Tinted glass Front Door, with lock
• Recessible 19” mounting angles at front
• Easy to assemble
• Normally supplied CKD - assembled on request

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