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Product Segments
Enclosure Products
Floor Standing - Networking
APW President offers a wide range of floor – standing cabinets for Networking applications. These include Aluminum or Steel cabinets, load rating of 250 Kgs to over 950 Kgs, heights from 17U to 45U, widths of 600 & 800mm, and depths of 600, 800 and 1000mm. There are also models certified for IP55 levels of environment protection, earthquake-proofed and EMC compliance.
Floor Standing - Telecommunications
APW Presidents range of enclosure systems for use in telecom applications is based on several different product platforms. These include cabinets conforming to ETSI specifications, 19” standards (DIN41494) or metric practices. Enclosures which provide multi-practice mounting (ETSI and 19”) within the same cabinet are also available.
Floor Standing - General Electronics
APW President has been supplying 19” Floor Standing racks and cabinets for over 20 years to the general/OEM sectors of the Electronics industry. Our wide range includes Aluminum or steel cabinets. Load carrying capacities extend from 250 to 900 Kgs. Heights are from 17U to 45U, and depths of 600, 800 and 1000 mm. Other models include IP55, Earthquake-proof and EMC compliant versions.
Floor Standing - Industrial
APW President Series 36 steel cabinets are designed for demanding industrial applications- as in the process control industry. They incorporate features which are currently industry standards world-wide. The S-36 is a world-class product in terms of design, product features, quality of workmanship, dimensional precision and finish. It has been licensed for manufacture at other APW locations abroad. A full range of accessories is also available for the S-36 family. These comprise of the standard 19" cabinet accessories, as well as a range of new accessories and optional items developed specifically for the S-36 family.
Wall Mounts
Wall mount cabinets are particularly suited to cater to PC clusters in offices, and wherever floor space is scarce. These enclosures are available in single section or double section versions. And there is even a low cost “Flat pack” model to choose from.
Card Frames
Card Frames, or sub-racks, are at the heart of all industrial systems. The President range of Card Frames helped pioneer the adoption of 19” rack-mount equipment standards, and particularly the 3U and 6U EuroCard formats for PCBs. Several versions of high precision card frames are available in the President range, including VME, Compact PCI and EMC versions.
Instrument Cases
The President range of Instrument cases comprises the versatile Series 40 family, and the economy Series 42 version. Both styles of these modular cases are highly elegant in appearance and provide precision, combined with facilities that enable users to integrate their electronic subsystems into them with ease – resulting in a thoroughly professional looking end product.
Custom Designs
The President range of enclosure systems, the in-house facilities and the expertise gained over the last 20 years, are available for evolving custom-designed enclosure systems and other products especially tailored to your individual needs
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