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Enclosure Products > Card Frames
Series 20
High precision Card Frames (sub-racks) – the basic building blocks for instrumentation systems
• Rapid assembly
• Side Panels with “Half Shears” for assured precision
• Top and bottom covers – plain or vented
• Front & Rear panels - Screw-on or hinged
Card Frames with RFI gaskets to provide electromagnetic shielding against radiation.
• Rapid assembly and easy accessibility
• Two versions available, conforming to VME format (IEC 60297) or Compact PCI standard ( IEEE 1101.10)
• Side Panels are provided with "Half Shears" for assured precision
For housing functional units and sub-systems within Card Frames.
• All-aluminium construction
• Proprietary extrusions
• Internal groove for PCBs
• Maximum space for components
APW President offers a variety of accessories for use with Card Frames. These accessories enable Design Engineers and System Integrators to complete their product packaging in conformity with the latest practices followed worldwide. Card Guides.
Accessory Items:
• Facia Panels
• Card Guides
• Top/ Bottom Covers
• Front/ Rear Panels
• Connector Mounting Sets
• Threaded Strips
Steel Card Frames
APW President provides especially designed steel PCB enclosures. These custom engineered Card Frames embody all the requisite features, such as precision, stability, airflow considerations etc, but cost very much less in large quantities
• Precision
• Economy
• Custom designed
• Venting options
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