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Active Equipment
KVM Switches
KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. KVM switching allows the use of a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse to control multiple computers.

A KVM switch also allows more efficient use of the valuable space available in server rooms and data centers. Customers can use their limited space for productive servers, routers, hubs, and printers, not keyboards, monitors and mice. With a KVM switch, computers can be controlled more efficiently by centralizing control instead of forcing network managers to spend time walking around in data centers, looking for a particular set of peripherals.
- Local console for at the rack access or extension up to a distance of 1000 feet
- Out of band solution
- Eliminates distance limitation as KVM switch works over IP
- View multiple devices from a single desktop.
- Secure point and click control
Display Products
When you need to see and control your PCs or servers from the server rack itself in the server room or data centre, the Cyberview range of ultra-low profile server rack mounted keyboards and monitors are the solution you need, while taking the minimum amount of valuable rack space. The Cyberiew Range saves approx 90% of space within the cabinet in comparison to the placing of convential monitor, keyboard and mouse in a 19" cabinet.
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