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The Series 36 Industrial cabinet is unique in that it serves as a versatile enclosure system for two distinct classes of applications. It works equally well when used in the control automation sectors as well as for general 19 applications. Thus there are two distinct sets of accessories available for use with the Series 36 the general 19 set of rack mount accessories which are common with other 19 product families and another set of accessories that are specific to the industrial controls sector. The availability of these two full sets of accessories makes the Series 36 family an extremely versatile enclosure system for a very wide variety of applications.
Accessory Items:
• Angles for Equipment Mounting
• Channels, Depth Support
• Channels, Width Support
• C Rails
• Doors
• Rear Panels
• Side Panels
• Baffle Plates
• Document Pouch
• Filter Assembly
• Bottom Panels or Gland Plates
• Plinth Frames
• Fan Housing Units
• Roof Canopy
• Cabinet Illumination
• Cable Managers
• Earthing Bar Assembly
• Bus Bar Kits
• Insulation Kits
• Anti-Vibration Kits
• Coupling Kits
• Plate Nuts
• Earth Continuity Kits
• Conversion Kits

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